33 Day Challenge- Catholic Leaders

33 Day Rosary Challenge

Catholic Leaders

  1. Bishop Daniel Flores
  2. Doug Barry
  3. Randy Hain
  4. Jason Godin
  5. Donna Marie Cooper O’Boyle
  6. Deacon Harold Burke Sivers
  7. Fr. Mitch Pacwa
  8. Dan Burke
  9. Gail J. Coniglio
  10. Patrick Madrid
  11. Lisa Hendey
  12. Pat Gohn
  13. Tom Grady
  14. Nellie Edwards
  15. Tony Ryan
  16. F. John Phalen, CSC
  17. Patti Maguire Armstrong
  18. Brock C. Akers
  19. Alan Napleton
  20. Teresa Tomeo
  21. Fr. Richard Gonzales
  22. Sister Nancy Boushey, OSB
  23. Fr. Dwight Longenecker
  24. Tom Monahan
  25. Marcus Grodi
  26. Joseph A. Connors III
  27. Fr. Michael Gaitley, MIC
  28. Valerie L. Calvillo
  29. Fr. Larry Richards
  30. Kathleen Beckman
  31. Fr. Andrew Apostoli,  CFR
  32. Vinny Flynn
  33. Fr. Hugh Gillespie, SMM
    1. Bishop Daniel Flores

Bishop Daniel Flores

I would like to personally extend an invitation in particular to the men of our Catholic community…Our children need the example of Christian values from honorable virtuous men… Men, as fathers and husbands, you are called to love your children, spend time with them and teach them about what is truly important in life. Likewise, you are called to love your wives without reservation, to stand with them in their work and never take for granted the critical role they play in the raising of your children… So, let us raise our voices in humble supplication to the Blessed Virgin Mary that she may show us her son and our Savior, Jesus Christ. Let’s be men who pray the Rosary.

Most Reverend Daniel E. Flores, S.T.D.

Bishop of Brownsville, Texas




2. Doug Barry

dnc-doug barry



For centuries there have been millions of people, young and old, from every corner of the world and from every imaginable background, who have found peace, consolation and guidance from praying the rosary. It is a spiritual weapon like no other. It is a constant source of strength and a reminder of the higher things. The rosary has been an essential part of my daily life for years. I encourage every man to take the 33 Day Rosary Challenge. Let the Queen of Heaven mold you into the hero that God has created you to be! Put aside the average man. Become a true warrior for souls!


May Our Lady guide your hand in every battle you face.


Doug Barry

Founder & Director of RADIX

Co-Host of EWTN’s Life On The Rock





3.  Randy Hain


Randy Hain


“My love for praying the Rosary has grown in tandem with my growing love for the Blessed Mother.  Since learning about Our Lady in 2005 when I came into the Catholic Church, she has grown in my affections and I seek her intercession daily.  I would be lost without her influence and help!”


Randy Hain – author, speaker, consultant and co-founder of Integrated Catholic Life eMagazine.



4.  Jason Godin




Fruits of Grace from the First Montfort Method of Praying the Rosary

Deeper humility of heart; more perfect charity toward neighbor; greater love of poverty and poor; wisdom as well as purity of heart and body; conversion of all (Joyful);

Regaining our baptismal purity; more willing obedience to Christ; forgiveness for our sins; renewed splendor of faith; active participation at Mass (Luminous);

Contrition; mortification of our senses; worldly detachment; patience in carrying our crosses; horror of sin, love of the Cross, and a holy death (Sorrowful);

Piety; hope and longing for heaven; wisdom and sharing of Truth; true devotion to Mary; perseverance, increased virtue, and an eternal crown (Glorious).

Why accept the challenge to pray the Rosary daily?  Why not for such fruits of grace?!

Jason Godin
Associate Editor, Fathers for Good
Website | fathersforgood.org
Facebook | facebook.com/FathersForGood


5.  Donna Marie Cooper O’Boyle


So often people shy away from praying the Rosary thinking it’s just a grandmother’s prayer or they worry that they have no time for it. I love the prayer of the Rosary and find great comfort in praying it—asking our Mother Mary for her graces and intercession—whether I pray it on the beads or on my fingertips.


~Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle, wife, mother, EWTN TV Host, and best-selling author of sixteen Catholic books including: The Miraculous Medal: Stories, Prayers, and Devotions













6. Deacon Harold Burke Sivers


In 1571, in preparation for battle against the Turkish navy, Pope Saint Pius V ordered all of the churches in the world to begin the Forty Hours Devotion, with public processions and recitation of the Rosary.  As we look to our own day, there is no question whatsoever that the Rosary must be the weapon of choice in our spiritual battle for purity and holiness.  With the Rosary in hand—as the chief servants of our wives and children, as well as the Church and the culture (see Ephesians 5:21-30)—we must protect and defend the dignity of marriage and family life against an ever-advancing culture of death.  We live in a world of eclipse, in a world consumed by a darkness whose far-reaching shadows are cast across the threshold of family life.  Our only hope for salvation is in God’s mercy and infinite love.  By reflecting on the mysteries of our salvation with the heart of the Blessed Mother in the Rosary, we bear witness in a convincing manner to the victory of God’s love over the power of evil in ourselves and in the world.


The rosary is not just “what we do” but expresses “who we are” as we reflect deeply on the mysteries of Christ’s life, death and resurrection through the heart of the Blessed Mother.  Let us implore the Lord that through the prayers of the rosary, we may be obedient in faith so that we can be free to love God with our whole being.  As the Word filled Mary’s womb, may the precious body and blood of her Son fill us with the Holy Spirit and unite us with God the Father in an intimate, personal, and life-giving bond of love here on earth until we are united with Him forever in heaven.

Deacon Harold Burke Sivers

Catholic Speaker and Author




7. Fr. Mitch Pacwa

One aspect of the importance of daily praying of the Rosary is connected with moving through the cycle of all the Mysteries of the life of Christ. Sometimes people identify primarily with the Incarnation as a way to show God’s love of creation; others focus on the Resurrection because they want to see God’s victory in life. However, the Rosary leads us through all the Mysteries so that we can keep the whole life of Christ in balance. This offers a balanced diet of reflection on Jesus and the Blessed Virgin Mary, and in today’s lopsided world, we need that balance.” 


   – Fr. Mitch Pacwa, S.J., EWTN Host and Founder/President of Ignatius Productions





8.  Dan Burke


Real men take responsibility for the sanctity of their own souls and those of their family. They recognize that the most important commitment and highest call of duty in this life is know and love Christ and to help their spouse and children to do the same. David is dead on target when he says “Real men pray the rosary.” I am joining David in this 33 day challenge. If you are real man, you will too.

Dan Burke, Executive Director of the National Catholic Register and

President of the Avila Institute for Spiritual Formation




9. Gail J. Coniglio


After being introduced to David and Valerie Calvillo and their Real Men Pray the Rosary apostolate, I was inspired to join in and encourage others to also participate in their 33 day rosary challenge. My goal is to also have my 3 children and husband join me in this challenge. What a beautiful way to honor Our Lady and prepare for the month of Mary. I am very grateful to the Calvillos for their “yes” to Our Blessed Mother in starting this beautiful devotion. I plan on doing this challenge each year with my kids, just like we have with our Divine Mercy Novena each year in preparation for the Feast of Mercy. HAIL MARY, FULL OF GRACE!


Gail J. Coniglio

Marketing Director & Publicist for Fr. Mitch Pacwa, S.J. & Teresa Tomeo



10. Patrick Madrid




Are you experiencing a problem, temptation, or seemingly insurmountable challenge in your life that you think simply cannot be overcome? Pray the rosary every day, asking Our Lady to help you through it. She will! She is the Ark of the New Covenant, and praying the rosary brings her powerful intercession to bear on any challenge, no matter how impossible. Remember, the Israelites processed with the Ark of the Covenant around the fortress city of Jericho for seven days until, miraculously, those impregnable walls came crumbling down (Joshua 6:4-20). Praying the rosary is even more powerful than that.

Patrick Madrid, host of the “Right Here, Right Now” radio show



11. Lisa Hendey


“As a wife, a mom and a Catholic writer, I’m looking forward to rising up to be a part of the 33 Day Rosary Challenge and sharing the spiritual boost with family, friends and the readers of CatholicMom.com. I can’t think of a finer way to gear up for the month of the Rosary than to spend time growing closer to Jesus through Mary with a true commitment to daily meditation upon the precious mysteries of the Rosary.”

Lisa M. Hendey, Founder of CatholicMom.com and author of “A Book of Saints for Catholic Moms”





12. Pat Gohn


The many women listeners from “Among Women” podcast are happy to support the 33 Day Challenge! Among Women — a podcast celebrating the beauty and grace of Catholic womanhood — LOVES Mary, and promotes the Rosary!  We love Real Men Who Pray the Rosary and we’re delighted to partner with you in this 33 Day Challenge!

Pat Gohn, author of “Blessed, Beautiful, and Bodacious: Celebrating the Gift of Catholic Womanhood” and host of “Among Women” a podcast available on iTunes.

13.  Tom Grady



When I pray the rosary, I sometimes find my mind drifting to memories of my father, who prayed the rosary frequently, often using a simple finger rosary that he kept in the family car. It wasn’t until after his death that I began to understand what the rosary meant to him. Among his possessions was a letter that he had written to my mother from France in October 1945. Dad’s army unit had remained in Europe after the war had ended, but he had now received his long-awaited orders to head home. He wrote her, “I left the office and went to the chapel to say a rosary in thanksgiving to the Blessed Mother, because I know that without her help, I would not be so happy tonight.” I treasure that letter and think about my parents’ love for one another each time I say the rosary myself. And when I worry that maybe I’m getting too distracted when I should be focusing on my prayers, I remind myself that their love is a reflection of the greater love of our Father and our Mother.


Tom Grady


Ave Maria Press

Notre Dame, IN




14. Nellie Edwards


The Rosary is truly a life-saver.  Upon finishing this vital meditation on the Life, death and Resurrection of Jesus one day, in front of the local abortuary, a woman arrived and began screaming insults, while waving a gun at us…I experienced great peace even so and suddenly knew to ask her if she’d had an abortion….A grace-filled hour later, she left, pledging to spend the rest of her days promoting the sanctity of Life!

Nellie Edwards

Roman Catholic mother of eight and long-time ProLife activist, known for her  Sacred/ ProLife Art.  Her works depicting Unborn Jesus are being used as visual aids by those in the front lines of the battle to protect the unborn. Contact Nellie; NellieKranzEdwards@gmail.com



15. Tony Ryan


The famous “Rosary Priest”, Fr. Patrick Peyton, who founded the Family Rosary Crusade and preached the Rosary to many millions of people, learned the importance of this powerful prayer from his parents who led the family Rosary every night with the 10 Peyton children. Fr. Peyton experienced the great blessings  from the Rosary through that family prayer, and coined the famous phrase, “The family that prays together, stays together”. He also experienced it in a very profound personal way, when he was dying of tuberculosis while studying to be a priest in the seminary. Both his mother in Ireland, and his sister in the USA, offered their lives to God for him that he would be healed and become a holy priest. They buried both his mother and his sister when he was cured miraculously of the tuberculosis, and he went on the found the Family Rosary Crusade that had such a huge impact for promoting the Rosary to millions of families worldwide in the 20th century. Fr. Peyton’s cause of sainthood is being investigated by the Vatican. “The family that prays together, stays together.”


Anthony Ryan

Marketing Director

Ignatius Press





16. Fr. John Phalen, CSC



The Holy Rosary: It is a catechism on a string; a summary of the Gospel; It is contemplating the face of Christ with Mary at our side; a most Christo-centric prayer; It marks the rhythm of human life. If we want to learn to be more like Christ, then we cannot afford to neglect it. Take your Rosary in your hand like a man and contemplate how God brought about the Incarnation, spoke to us proclaiming the Kingdom of God, gave us the example of how to treat others with love, suffered and died to redeem us, and finally rose again, ascended and sent us the Spirit to guide the growth of the Church as Mary prayed. Live its Mysteries! Let it change your life!


Fr. John Phalen CSC


Holy Cross Family Ministries

Founded by Servant of God, Fr. Patrick Peyton CSC






17. Patti Maguire Armstrong


Even though I am a cradle Catholic, I did not know how to pray the Rosary until my mid-30’s.  That  tells you what sort of Catholic I was–one who did not really “get it.”  Now that I do “get it” I have come to love the Rosary.  After reading books on Our Lady of Fatima and Our Lady of Lourdes, I was especially struck by the simple message our Mother in Heaven asked of us: to pray the rosary daily.  It must be very powerful that she would make that request of us.  And who among us feels comfortable ignoring a request from the Blessed Mother, the Mother of God?

The Rosary is a Jesus-centered prayer based on Scripture.  I feel so sad that our Protestant brothers and sisters do not understand that.  “…the Lord is with you…thy womb Jesus…”  My husband and I pray it daily ourselves and often together with our children.  Especially when I am troubled and don’t know what to do, Mass, Eucharist Adoration and the Rosary bring me peace and direction.


Patti Maguire Armstrong, Catholic author and mother.




18. Brock C. Akers



We are friends with a young woman, mother of four, who has received a sad diagnosis of cancer which is likely to be life ending.  She is a woman of great faith and confidence in God, and attributes her ability to so far “beat the odds” with her condition to prayer.  A group of us meet every Monday night to say a rosary on her behalf in front of the Tabernacle.  From week to week, different people arrive for our collective prayer for our friend.  Among the regulars is an eight year old girl, Lollie.  When her mother is able to bring her, Lollie is always the first to lead us in the first decade.  She boldly starts with the “Our Father,” and leads us through at least one mystery each evening.   Her little voice, mighty in content, tone and message, is the most beautiful music I have ever heard.  This little prayer warrior knows the power of the Rosary, and the love Our Lady has for us all, and she inspires all of us who have the great privilege to know her.

Brock C. Akers

Knight of Malta

Trial Attorney



19. Alan Napleton



“Any thoughtful examination of Scripture clearly portrays Jesus in a very masculine light and the proper understanding of how masculinity and spirituality go hand-in-hand is a valuable part of the “Real Men Pray the Rosary” apostolate and message.  Our Lord was certainly no “sissy,” exemplified by how the hardened Roman guards were amazed at how He accepted and reacted to His brutal torture and crucifixion.  Our Lord’s rugged yet holy life should inspire all men to take their rightful role in the spiritual development of their families, serving as examples to them and the world as to how real men are called to be examples of strength, character, leadership and holiness.    I can think of no better movement than “Real Men Pray the Rosary” in showing how this is possible and I would encourage all men to participate in this worthwhile movement of the Church.”


Alan Napleton


Catholic Marketing Network






20. Teresa Tomeo



“The Blessed Virgin Mary has played such an important role in my personal reversion, in saving my marriage, and in my husband Dominick’s journey to becoming an ordained permanent Deacon last Fall. We are praying the rosary together in thanksgiving for all of our blessings and in celebration of our 30th Wedding Anniversary this month. Reflecting on Jesus’ life through the rosary is such a wonderful way for deep insight into the scriptures and for spiritual growth. I am so thankful that David and Valerie Calvillo have called for this 33-Day Rosary Challenge. Our world needs so much prayer.  What better way is there than to storm heaven with prayers asking for the Queen of Peace to intercede for us. . . and to help us to let that peace begin with me.”

Teresa Tomeo, Syndicated Catholic Talk Show Host  http://www.AveMariaRadio.net

Best Selling Catholic Author, Speaker, and Media Expert  http://www.TeresaTomeo.com

Television Host of EWTN’s Catholic View for Women  http://www.ewtn.com/series/shows/catholic-view-for-women/


21. Fr. Richard Gonzales


“When I pray the Rosary, I remember praying the Rosary with my family, at the vigil, before the day of a funeral.  The meditative prayer eased our worries and sorrows, as we were surrounded by many other family members and friends in the funeral chapel.  I also remember praying the Rosary in my high school youth group of my home parish, St. Patrick in Corpus Christi, Texas.  We prayed the Rosary on our retreats; and, as we led parishioners in praying at Exposition, during the parish’s monthly Holy Hour.  I also remember praying the Rosary regularly, late at night, with some of my college seminary brothers, at the Pontifical College Josephinum, in Columbus, Ohio.  I also remember praying the Rosary in a chapel full of seminarians at my graduate seminary, at our monthly Holy Hour, at St. Mary’s Seminary, in Houston, Texas.  Now, in my 15th year of priesthood, I remember praying the Rosary at numerous funeral vigils and Holy Hours for my parishioners.  When I pray the Rosary alone, I really don’t feel alone.  I am surrounded by the graces of God.  I am surrounded by His angels and saints.  I am surrounded by the graces of our Blessed Mother.  I am also surrounded by the many memories of having prayed the Rosary with people who I have loved and cherished.  When I pray the Rosary, I am led into a prayer, a devotion, of peace and strength.  After praying, I then look back on newer memories.  With the peace and strength of the Rosary, I look forward to the newer graced-filled moments in the future, for me to remember.”

Fr. Richard Gonzales

Pastor, St. Joseph Parish

Beeville, Texas

Diocese of Corpus Christi


22. Sister Nancy Boushey, OSB


“Greetings to our RMPTR friends who have accepted the 33-day Challenge!

We, the “NFL Sisters”, as our David Calvillo calls us, are right at your side “running the race” through the LIFE of our Lord Jesus and our Blessed Mother.  What comfort we find in knowing that we can journey with them through the mysteries of salvation and of our own mysteries of joys and sorrows. We pray the rosary before our Lord Jesus exposed in our Fountain of Life Adoration Chapel. Come, pray with us in South Texas!  We’re praying for you, our brothers and sisters also!”

Sister Nancy Boushey, OSB

Sister Frances Solum, OSB

Sister Luella Walsh, OSB


Director, Board of Directors of Real Men Pray The Rosary, Inc.

23. Fr. Dwight Longenecker


“The Holy Rosary is a prayer that brings deep healing to the soul, to relationships and to our world. Join me in a promise to pray the rosary daily!”

Fr Dwight Longenecker,

Parish priest of Our Lady of the Rosary, Greenville, South Carolina and author of Praying the Rosary for Inner Healing


24.  Tom Monahan



“For many years, the rosary never made a lot of sense to me.  I said it a lot (daily) as a kid in the orphanage.  However, as an adult, I really didn’t say it much, mostly at funerals or other times when it would have been awkward for me to get out of it.

Then one day, when I was attending daily Mass (in the 80’s), my pastor gave a homily about a number of Church approved Marian apparitions in which Mary implored all Catholics to pray the rosary daily.  That did it.  If Mary thought it important enough to appear to all these different people around the world to stress the importance of saying the Daily Rosary, who was I to resist it.  From that point on, I’ve said the rosary daily and always will.  And now, all these years later, I can see why it was the favorite prayer of Blessed John Paul II and so many other great saints.”

Tom Monaghan

Founder of Domino’s Pizza,

Legatus & Ave Maria University



25. Marcus Grodi


“Hey guys, you’ve most likely seen that beer commercial. well, the parallel is: “I don’t often pray, but when I do…” and Catholic spiritual giants for years have stressed that one of the most powerful ways to complete this sentence is, “I pray the Rosary.” It’s a matter of intimate communion with the Trinity and our Lady. I do believe this 33 day Rosary challenge could change your (our) lives. JMJ”

Marcus Grodi

Founding/President, Coming Home Network; Host, EWTN’s “Journey Home”

26. Joseph A. Connors III

“I begin the Rosary with the Sign of the Cross over my forehead, my

mid-chest, and each shoulder. Then I say the Apostles’ Creed.


Next I say three Hail Marys for an increase in Faith, Hope, and

Charity in all persons living in the world at the present time and for

all those born after this moment in time and for forgiveness of all of

their sins both during their lifetimes as well as the time of their

deaths so each may share Eternity someday.


Next I say one Glory Be, one Hail Mary and one Our Father for the

intentions and needs of the Pope, his good health and longevity, his

continuing to grow in perfection so all the World can see him as a

holy person, and I also pray for the intentions and needs of all the

Holy Souls in Purgatory and for the needs and intentions of all living

human beings, and I also pray for the intentions of all the Saints,

Martyrs, and Apostles, and I also pray for the intentions of all the

Archangels, guardian angels and other good angels throughout God’s

creations, and I pray for intentions of each member of the

Holy Family and for the intentions of each member of the Most Blessed Trinity.


Next I say five decades; but when I do not finish all five decades the

same day, I try real hard to finish yesterday’s Rosary today.


“Mary, my Mother, shower me with the Graces rejected by others, and

show me the Way, the Truth, and the Life, your son, Our Savior. I so

humbly pray.”


Joseph A. Connors III

Criminal Defense Lawyer

“Secret” Evangelist


27. Fr. Michael Gaitley, MIC


We’re all called to bring the Gospel from our heads to our hearts. What better way to do this than by praying the Rosary, than by contemplating the face of Christ, with Mary?

— Fr. Michael Gaitley, MIC,

author of “33 Days to Morning Glory,” “Consoling the Heart of Jesus,” and “The ‘One Thing’ Is Three.”



28. Valerie L. Calvillo



“As a homeschooling mom, I see the difference praying the rosary daily has had on our children and our interactions with them. We have been praying daily for the past few years and the children have come to love Jesus and Mary and look to them for strength and guidance. Since we began praying the rosary daily, our homeschooling routine is smoother, I am more patient with the children, and we all enjoy and appreciate each other so much more. By beginning the day reflecting on Jesus’ life and what he taught us by his example, we are learning as a family how to better walk in his footsteps. We begin the day with the opening prayers and one decade and the closing prayers, and the children each reflect on a mystery of the day, providing us with a virtue or teaching to spend the day thinking about. As we inevitably have sibling struggles and resistance to school work, we can return to the morning reflection and consider if we are following the examples Mary and Jesus give us. What a difference the Rosary has made in our lives individually and in our family! Ave Maria!”

Valerie L. Calvillo

Wife, Homeschooling Mom

Co-Founder and COO, Real Men Pray The Rosary, Inc.


29. Fr. Larry Richards




The rosary is an instrument of holiness.  You will never catch me without my rosary!  We need to carry the rosary with us always, and say it EVERY DAY!  Our Lady at Fatima told us “Say the rosary daily.”  Now, if the Mother of God comes to earth and tell us to do something, I think that it would be a good idea to listen!  Do as your Mother tells you!


– Fr. Larry Richards

Pastor of St. Joseph Church/Bread of Life Community in Erie, Pennsylvania

Founder of The Reason For Our Hope Foundation


Author of “Be a Man! Becoming the Man God Created You to Be”;  “Surrender! The Life-Changing Power of Doing God’s Will”.



30. Kathleen Beckman


“23 years ago when I began to pray the Rosary everyday, it helped me to rediscover the gift of prayer, of sitting with Mary near the heart of Jesus. Our youngest son was healed from a serious illness though Mary’s rosary! Pope Leo XIII called it a spiritual weapon against the evils of our time. In my ministry with Magnificat, A Ministry to Catholic Women, thousands of people have shared their testimony to the power of the rosary. It changes us from within so we become more like Jesus. In my books also, I testify to miracles of the Rosary. Do you feel God has something more for you? Take up the Rosary and with Mary, discover new life in Christ. Whatever your cross in life may be right now, the Rosary will help you to carry it without fear or bitterness and you will be amazed at the courage, peace and joy that comes to you. ”


Kathleen Beckman

host of Radio Maria’s weekly program, “Living Eucharist” is the author of “Rekindle Eucharistic Amazement”, “Behold the Lamb of God” and the “Holy Rosary for Purity of Body, Mind and Spirit.” She’s been in leadership with Magnificat, A Ministry to Catholic Women for 22 years and serves on her diocesan healing and deliverance team. She is a frequent guest on EWTN TV and radio.



31. Fr. Andrew Apostoli


“Among the prayers Catholics cherish most is the Rosary. St. Padre Pio, a great Rosary prayer himself, often said, “Is there any prayer more beautiful than the prayer Our Lady herself taught us? Than the Rosary? Always pray the Rosary.” … Through the Rosary, we learn to pray in all main forms of prayer: with our lips in the words we recite, with our minds as we meditate on the mysteries, and with our hearts as love grows within us…. At Fatima, the only request Our Lady made to the shepherd children in all six of her apparitions was to pray the Rosary daily. She told the young visionaries: ‘The Rosary is powerful enough to stop wars; the Rosary can bring world peace; the Rosary can convert sinners!’ “

Fr. Andrew Apostoli, CFR

Co-Founder of the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal

Author of numerous books including, “Fatima Today,” “Following Mary To Jesus: Our Lady as Mother, Teacher, and Advocate”

Host of EWTN’s “Sunday Night Live”



32. Vinny Flynn


“As Pope John Paul II was so fond of saying, the rosary is a Gospel prayer. We are remembering and pondering with Mary the great mysteries of God’s love. We are there, reliving the story of our salvation, and thus our prayer is, in a very real sense a living prayer. Through our intentions, we can bring others with us, lifting them up into these living mysteries and repeatedly asking for God’s loving, healing action in their lives. Mary is our great intercessor with the Lord, and interceding with her through the rosary can be an especially uplifting and fruitful way to pray for those we love.”

Vinny Flynn

Catholic author and speaker


Author, “7 Secrets of Confession, “ “ 7 Secrets of the Eucharist,” and “21 Ways To Worship”

33. Fr. Hugh Gillespie, SMM


“By praying the Rosary daily for 33 days, a good beginning has been made. Move forward simply and with confidence, for victory belongs not to the swift but to the faithful. The Holy Spirit will lead us to more concrete actions if we are faithful to a simple beginning.”

As the Great Apostle of the Rosary, St. Louis de Montfort said in his great work The Secret of the Rosary, ‘[B]y saying [the Rosary] daily and doing good works you will be tending your tree [of life,] watering it, hoeing the earth around it. Eventually you will see that this little seed … which seems small now, will grow into a tree so great that the birds of heaven will dwell in it and make their nest there’- in the garden of your soul.”

Fr. Hugh Gillespie, SMM

Company of Mary

Advisory Board, Real Men Pray The Rosary, Inc.





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