“O my Jesus, I am yours and all that I have is yours through Mary, your most holy Mother.”

“… Satan, being proud, suffers infinitely more in being vanquished and punished by a lowly and humble servant of God, for her humility humiliates  him more than the power of God.” True Devotion No. 52.

“What do you find to be the most difficult temptation to struggle against? What is your most persistent temptation?…  Place your struggle against this temptation into the hands of the Blessed Virgin and ask for her help in overcoming this inclination to sin. Continue to pray in this manner every night.”

The “Hail Mary” is the perfect prayer. It is a prayer of praise, using the words of God himself, delivered through his chosen messenger, the Angel Gabriel, and using the inspired words of the Gospel of Luke. It is also a prayer of petition, wherein we ask the Mother of Jesus Christ to join us in prayer for our petition. We ask her in that perfect supplication to pray for our sinful soul and our petition. We are reminded that the prayers of the righteous are most powerful and effective. James 5: 16. What human being was ever more righteous than Mary, whom God himself chose as his vessel to enter into this world?

At the center of that prayer of praise, on the one hand, and the prayer of petition to the Mother of our Lord, on the other, lies the name of Jesus Christ. The hinge that joins together these two concepts- praise and petition. Both acknowledge our lowly place in this world. Both juxtaposed against the one to whom Mary always leads- her Son.


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