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The Secret of the Holy Rosary by St. Louis de Monfort

The Secret of the Holy Rosary

This “little book” in a very real sense is my personal “point of origin” in leading me to the Rosary. It introduced me to the “power” of the Rosary. I discuss in my book how it was slow reading- slow because I wanted to savor every word, every thought, every sentence. Each phrase in this book seemed to peel away my ignorance of the Rosary. It revealed to me the power of this indispensable prayer par excellence. It is appropriate for us to purchase this book directly from the Montfort Fathers, who derive their charism from their founder, St. Louis de Montfort himself. Get your copy here. (or from Joe Connors III. 🙂 ) Tell Fr. Hugh Gillespie, S.M.M. that RMPTR sent you!

Rosarium Virginis Mariae– “On the Most Holy Rosary of the Virgin Mary” – Apostolic Letter of Pope John Paul II

Rosarium Virginis Mariae- Oct 2012

If The Secret Of The Rosary introduced me to the power of the Rosary, this sublime masterpiece introduced me to the beauty of the Rosary. I read in awe at the masterful use of language to convey the love and the joy that praying the Rosary faithfully could evoke from us. This gem generated wonder at the love that our Blessed Pope John Paul II harbored deep in his heart for this “marvelous” simple prayer. It also began to give me a hint at the timelessness of the Rosary. This is required reading for anyone who loves, truly loves, the Rosary. Your copy may be free at the vatican or through Pauline Books and Media.

Papal Teachings: The Holy Rosary

Papal Teachings- The Holy Rosary

I was introduced to the existence of this book published by the Daughters of St. Paul Press by a religious brother who wrote to me at our RMPTR website. He told me that since it seemed like I really loved the Rosary and thus I should study and know what our popes have said about the Rosary. I immediately found a copy available online at some used book site and began to devour it when I received it. This book impressed upon me the timelessness of the Rosary. It also introduced me to Pope Leo XIII, the Pope of the Rosary. His papacy struck me by how confident he was that praying the Rosary was THE answer. He was unwavering in his confidence that our faith could be nourished by the daily praying of the Rosary in a way that no other devotion or prayer could. He taught me to persevere in prayer. This secondary book is available through and probably other sites as well.

Marian Topics

Treatise on True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary

True Devotion To the Blessed Virgin Mary

True Devotion is essential, almost foundational, Marian reading. Valerie and I read it for the first time when we were undergoing the Total Consecration preparation in the summer of 2009 in preparation for our sacramental marriage. This loving work introduced me to Jesus’ love of our Blessed Mother. It was through this quintessential Montfort work that I began to see my relationship with Mary very much in the context of my own relationship with own birth Earth mother, Alicia Vera Calvillo. My Mom was very much aware of my having “discovered” St. Louis de Montfort and my new found love and devotion to our Blessed Mother before she passed away into Heaven on April 28, 2010. I know, despite her chronic illness, that it made her feel very satisfied that finally her knucklehead eldest son had discovered what she had been trying to teach me all my life. Mom emphasized her (and Mary’s) approval of Montfort’s way to Jesus through Mary by her passing on the Feast day of none other than St. Louis de Montfort himself! One can obtain a copy directly from the Montforts themselves here.

The Secret of Mary by St. Louis de Montfort

The Secret of Mary


I’m sorry but this is my favorite work on Mary. It is written in a personal, almost intimate style and it calls to me. Fr. De Montfort writes as if sharing a “secret”. He even goes so far as to tell us that we should not share that secret with someone unless they are worthy of understanding and appreciating the joy of loving Mary, the mother of God, the mother of Jesus Christ. Although it is a very brief little book, one cannot skim through it and capture its profound meaning. The paragraphs, the sentences, the phrases all must be treasured to harvest the nuggets of insight that this great Saint is called to share with us. I think this work is a little underappreciated; it is even offered for free. For example, one can read it for free here. I got a copy free with my iPad Kindle app. Enjoy it and cherish it. Read it. Thank you St. Louis de Montfort for writing this beautiful book. Buy your copy here.


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