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“This book is a must for every soldier of Christ! The Blessed Mother tells us that the Rosary is a sword that cuts through evil. It is a prayer that carries with it a powerful and mysteriously effective force that should never be taken for granted. Real Men Pray the Rosary is a great help in emphasizing this important truth! We are all on this battlefield together and each one of us plays a critical role in the world to do what our Lord commissions us to do. Through the Rosary we are trained and strengthened to do the work that God calls us to do. I encourage all to read and take to heart this great book”.

Doug Barry

Host of EWTN’s Life on the Rock




“What could a book written for men tell women? Plenty! I wanted to dash for my Rosary when I finished reading David Calvillo’s book, Real Men Pray the Rosary—a testimony that not only do ‘Real Men’ pray the Rosary,’ bur so do real women! Packed with stories of men whose lives have been deeply influenced by the power of the Rosary, Calvillo’s own personal witness, the history of the Rosary and insightful mediations to aid us in this efficacious prayer, Calvillo has given us a gem of a book.”

Johnnette S. Benkovic

Founder of Women of Grace

Host of Women of Grace and EWTN’s Women of Grace Live


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“Many men still cling to the old prejudice that ‘religion’ and ‘piety’ are for women only. Nothing can be further from the truth, since God made all of us to ‘know, love and serve him in this world so that we might be happy with him forever in the next.’ Prayer is essential to accomplish this! Among The prayers Catholic cherish most is the Rosary. St. Padre Pio, a great Rosary pray-er himself, often said, ‘Is there any prayer more beautiful than the prayer Our Lady herself taught us? Than the Rosary? Always pray the Rosary.’ What David Calvillo has done in his wonderful book, Real Men Pray the Rosary, is give us a full picture of the meaning of the Rosary, it’s origin and place in the history of the Church, and many of the inspiring statements of popes and saints who have encouraged the Rosary as ‘the most perfect prayer.’ He reminds us that through the Rosary, we learn to pray in all main forms of prayer: with our lips in the words we recite, with our minds as we meditate on the mysteries, and with our hearts as love grows within us. To illustrate his words about the Rosary, the author has included many testimonies of men whose lives have been profoundly changed by the Rosary. One very interesting feature is the author’s use of his tool box with simple exercises to jump- start praying the Rosary. At Fatima, the only request Our Lady made to the shepherd children in all six of her apparitions was to pray the Rosary daily. She told the young visionaries: ‘The Rosary is powerful enough to stop wars; the Rosary can bring world peace; the Rosary can convert sinners!’ I highly endorse David Calvillo’s book, Real Men Pray the Rosary. Read it and you will discover a treasure!’’

Fr. Andrew Apostoli, C.F.R

Author of “Fatima for Today”




“For centuries, the Rosary has invited all people to pray, to ponder the treasury of the Gospel mysteries that infuse its beads, and to find a life of purpose as well as peace. David Calvillo shares his own profound and personal walk within these pages. What we find by its end is the beginning of a treasure to share with the world: real men pray, and they pray the Rosary.”

And Jason’s May 13, 2013 review on his regular column at Catholic News Agency on the Feast Day of our Lady of Fatima.


Jason Godin

Columnist, Catholic News Agency


“Thank you, David, for your candid and personal treatment of one of the Church’s most powerful prayers, the Rosary.

Real Men Pray the Rosary: A Practical Guide to A Powerful Prayer gives men an aid to reclaiming a life of prayerful devotion to Mary in a way that is truly masculine, dedicated, and faithful. It is my prayer that men who read this book are inspired to draw closer to Mary, who can transform and guide us on our journey to become real men of the Gospel.”

Fr. Michael Gaitley, MIC

Director, Assocation of Marian Helpers

Author, “33 Days to Morning Glory”


And this thoughtful nice review by an even nicer writer, speaker, catechist Pat Gohn on her blog, “The Back Porch”.


And this inspiring one , entitled “The Rosary, A  Guy’s Prayer” from John M. Grondelski of the National Catholic Register….

“[T}his book is suffused with a modern man’s spirituality, a modern man’s feel and a modern man’s way of thinking. … For Father’s Day, this book will help Dad know Mary better — a far better gift than a tie.”

NCR masthead


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