During Advent, some Rosary devotees follow the practice of praying and meditating upon the JOyful mysteries only. Following the Liturgical seasons is a tradition or practice that has many advantages and benefits. RMPTR follows the suggestions laid out by Pope JPII in his Oct 2002 Apostolic letter and have thus incorporated the Luminous mysteries into our reflections on the days suggested by him. As many commentators and authors have suggested in their reflections on the Rosary, the idea is to keep ourselves focused on the whole of the Gospel message. “What is really important is that the Rosary should always be seen and experienced as a path of contemplation.” Pope John Paul II, Apostolate letter “On the Most Holy Rosary” dated October 16, 2002, at 48. “The point of having a full course of mysteries to contemplate is simply to provide a framework within which to structure one’s reflection.” Gary Wills, “The Rosary” at 10. Deriving from my personal spiritual journey and battle, I offer my own humble inadequate reflection on the Rosary mystery of “the day” on this website and Facebook page but invite and welcome the entire RMPTR and Christian community to pray with us and offer their own reflections. Over the life of the Facebook page, several wonderfully prayerful members have offered beautiful and inspiring reflections and testimony (ON FACEBOOK! isn’t that amazing?!) I know I’ve rambled on too long but RMPTR is open to suggestions on incorporating the practice of focusing on just one group of mysteries during a specific Liturgical season. One tradition with the Rosary is that the Rosary mysteries for public recitation follow the Liturgical seasons and the Joyful mysteries can thus, for example, be emphasized during Advent. How would we, as a community, like to see the joyful mysteries incorporated into the daily Rosary mystery offered here? We might invite others to offer their own reflection on an Advent/Joyful mystery of the day? or I can mention the name of a specific Joyful/Advent mystery and invite reflections or feedback on the mystery. What do you think?

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