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“Sorrowful” Fridays carry our prayers to the streets- the streets of Jerusalem and the streets of our own cities and towns. As we witness the suffering of Jesus along with the observers on the road to Calvary, we are called to not merely be observers to the suffering in our current day journeys. Lord, grant me the courage to stand up for those who have no voice, to strengthen those who are powerless or disenfranchised.



A few weeks ago, I wrote this column about a “bearded stranger” for our local newspaper as part of my service as a member of the paper’s Board of Contributors. In many ways, I knew the experience that I documented therein was a gift and a message from God.  And it was a gift that continues to provide me with much needed spiritual nourishment as I stumble through my own journey. This gift was again emphasized to me with the video noted here.  This video about a “bearded stranger” demonstrates very vividly that everyone is special and deserves our attention. People who are sometimes “hidden” from us by our contemporary and earthly myopia are, like us, children of God and deserve to be nurtured and treasured. Some may have hidden talents but all have a light within them; the light of God as children of God. Our challenge is to have the vision to see that light in all of us. Lord, I pray for the Christian vision and courage to see Your light in all of your children.

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